How can you benefit from Citizenship by Investment?

Turnstone Advisory is a boutique Citizenship Planning specialist, with a long-established record of successfully guiding investors, entrepreneurs, business executives and their advisors through the intricate process of obtaining alternative citizenships through investment.


There are at least as many reasons to obtain a second passport as there are passports, but only two of them are fundamental:

Freedom and security

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Citizenship by Investment

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Citizenship by Investment

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Growing segments of people in the modern world are, by design or by default, global citizens. They grow up in one country, study in another, work in a third, invest in countless others and finally retire to some Shangri-La they came across along the way.


The technological advances, cheap intercontinental flights, the proliferation of English and the convergence of popular culture of the last several decades have swept away many of the barriers that once kept the peoples of the world apart.


Travel and settlement restrictions, stemming from a time when most were monolingual and never left their homelands, are an anachronism in an era where individual identity is increasingly separate from nationality. For those who have the means, there’s no longer any reason to accept the limitations of borders.


Why take a second citizenship or residence?


A growing number of countries award citizenships to those willing to contribute economically to the domestic economy by taking part in Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIPs). Such contributions may take the form of real estate acquisitions, business establishment, corporate or government bond purchases, stock investments or direct cash donations.


Countries with CIPs share two common features:

  • high degree of political freedom
  • passports that allow for extensive visa-free travel


Dual citizenship is liberty. It’s the liberty to travel, work, study and settle where you please – when you please. It’s the liberty to pursue investment opportunities regardless of location and to pay a rate of taxation that’s acceptable to you.

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