What is the fastest way to Permanent Residence in Europe?

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It’s not easy to receive permanent residence status in Europe. Unlike the American continents – both North and South Americans are historically more open to immigration – Europe is not a continent where you can get permanent residence without having to prove your merit. In most cases, exams are administered to test your knowledge of the values, history and languages of the country. Certain countries like France will ask you to prove stable finances before you are allowed to become a permanent resident, and then only after 8 years of residence. But not to worry – high-value immigrants are given privileged access to permanent residence, and we have selected the best programmes for you.


Malta Residence Visa Programme

The newly introduced Malta Residence Visa Programme is the latest residence programme catering to HNWI. The applicant receives Maltese permanent residence and, thus, freedom of movement in the Schengen area. With an approximate €600,000 investment, mainly in property and bonds, foreigners can obtain a permanent resident permit in Malta. The applicant can also reduce the investment amount if he decides to sign a 5-year lease and by relocating to South Malta and Gozo. The application process is complete in 4 months and the permit is issued.

Greece Golden Visa


For as little as a €250,000 investment in real estate or business, one can obtain a 5-year renewable resident permit in Greece. The permit will remain valid as long as the property is held. Thus, although it is not a condition-free permanent resident permit, the Golden Visa is regarded by many as permanent residence, as it provides the same sense of security. The application process for the Golden Visa is only 2 months and applicants are allowed to bring their spouse and children. Greece is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, food and impressive history.


UK Tier 1 Investor – £10m option


The UK is one of the most-desired destinations in the world for immigrants and a top destination for students seeking world-class universities. Due to high demand, immigration to the UK is strict and a tense subject of debate. The UK Tier 1 Investor programme is known as the best of the best and is the simplest route to gain permanent residency – or, as it’s called in the UK, an indefinite leave to remain. But even the regular Tier 1 Investor applicant must wait 4 years before he can apply for permanent residence status. Nevertheless, by investing £10 million for 2 years, instead of the regular £2m for 4 years, the applicant can apply for an indefinite leave to remain at the end of the investment period. If you find investing £10 million for 2 years rather excessive, the programme also offers a £5 million option whose duration of investment set at 3 years. After those 3 years, in which you must hold your investment, the investor can apply for an infinite leave to remain.


France Exceptional Economic Contribution


One of the least-known residence-by-investment programmes is the France Exceptional Economic Contribution Programme. It’s not well known, as it’s rather expensive, requiring a massive €10m investment in specific French industries. The programme doesn’t offer permanent residence, but rather a renewable long-term resident permit of 10 years. The scheme was put in place to facilitate relocation of large investors to France. Nevertheless, it’s not a programme that is widely promoted around the world, and very few people actually know about it. France is the world’s most-visited country and offers the height of lifestyle, haute cuisine, architecture, luxury and fashion.



Other programmes offered by Bulgaria and Hungary can lead to permanent residence after 1 year. Some of these programmes have been plagued by different problems over the years and are not always worth the risk. There are also Entrepreneur programmes available in Scandinavia that provide permanent residence after a few years, but they can require a lot of work by the applicant to prove that their business venture has been successful and has met the required conditions.


If you are looking for further information about any residency-by-investment or citizenship-by-investment programme, feel free to contact us by phone at +1 852 5808 1895 or by email at [email protected].



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