St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

An enchanting blend of black sand beaches, coral reefs, fishing villages, volcanoes and waterfalls, St Lucia has a total area no larger than the city of Chicago and a population of 180,000.


As with so many Caribbean islands, both the French and the British empires colonized St Lucia from the 16th century onward until it won independence in 1979.


Following its creation in 2015, the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program became the most affordable such program in existence.

Investment Options

The St Lucia CIP offers prospective citizens four separate investment options:


  • Cash contribution
  • Real estate investment
  • Business investment
  • Government bond purchase


Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

The St Lucia National Economic Fund accepts cash contributions of US$100,000 for a single applicant, US$165,000 for an applicant with spouse, US$190,000 for an applicant with a spouse and up to two dependants and an additional US$25,000 for any additional dependants beyond this.

Real Estate Investment

Applicants to the St Lucia CIP may also qualify by investing a minimum of US$300,000 in government approved real estate, generally holiday homes or high-end hotels.

Government Bonds

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship-by-Investment program allows the purchase of government securities or bonds. All bonds purchased must be non-interest bearing government bonds have a minimum holding period of five years.


A principal applicant applying alone must purchase bonds worth US$500,000, a principal applicant with a spouse US$535,000, a principal applicant with a spouse and up to two dependants US$550,000 and an additional US$25,000 for every dependant beyond the first two.

Enterprise Projects

Applicants may qualify for citizenship by investing in government approved St Lucia-based enterprise projects, either individually or as part of a consortium. If individually, investments must exceed US$3.5M, and US$1M if investing as part of a consortium with a total investment of at least US$6M.
Approved enterprise projects generally fall under one of the following seven categories:


  1.  Specialty Restaurants
  2.  Cruise ports and marinas
  3.  Agro-processing plants
  4.  Pharmaceutical products
  5.  Ports, bridges, roads and highways
  6.  Research institutions and facilities
  7.  Offshore universities


Once the investment proposal is approved, applicants may submit a citizenship application only after paying all due diligence fees and 10% of the government processing fees.


Within 3-4 months, successful applicants will receive an Approval in Principle, at which point he/she must pay the remaining balance of the government fees and finalize the business investment before obtaining the Certificate of Citizenship.

Application Process and Fees

All applicants, irrespective of investment option, must pay government and due diligence fees, as detailed in the table.


The St Lucia citizenship application process follows the below steps:


  • The authorized agent submits the application for citizenship, all supporting documentation as well as the processing and due diligence fees on behalf of the applicant.


  • St Lucia’s Citizenship-by-Investment Unit processes the application and typically renders a decision within three months.


  • Successful applicants receive an Approval in Principle along with a request to finalize the investment and to pay remaining government fees.


  • Once the client has completed the investment and paid all fees in full, the government issues a Certificate of Naturalization.

Fees in USD Processing Due Diligence
Principle Applicant $2,000 $7,500
Spouse/Dependants $1,000 $5,000

(Fees in USD)
Real Estate

(Per Person)
Government Bonds

(Per Application)
Primary Applicant $50,000 $50,000
Dependant Ages 18 & up $35,000 N/A
Dependant Aged under 18 $25,000 N/A

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