Malta Individual Investor Program

A strategic trading outpost from antiquity until modern times, the sun soaked Mediterranean archipelago of Malta has changed hands repeatedly, the arrival of new occupants all left distinctive marks that give modern day Malta an eclectic cultural heritage.


Independent since 1964, Malta is a member of the EU, the British Commonwealth and Schengen. Maltese passport holders may travel without a visa to 169 countries and territories including the United States, Japan, the UK and the 28 Schengen states and have the right to settle permanently in all EU countries, as well as Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Iceland.


Malta’s business-friendly tax conditions and regulatory framework, coupled with the access a Maltese citizenship grants to EU markets, make Malta an ideal point of entry into European markets.


The Maltese Citizenship Act of 2014, the legal basis of the MIIP, stipulates that the applicants must complete a 1 year residency period before the passport is issued. This is not to say that applicants must be physically present in Malta for 12 months, but rather that he/she must demonstrate a bona fide intention of becoming Maltese by establishing “genuine links” to the country, such as by maintaining a residence and otherwise taking part in the local community.



The Principal applicant for dual-citizenship must be 18 years of age or older. Applicants may also include citizenship requests for dependants, so long as all dependants live with, and are fully supported by, the principal applicant. Dependants may include:


1) Children/dependants between the ages of 0 and 26, and

2) Elder dependants aged 55 or older

Additional Documentation


Primary applicants must also document:


1) A global health insurance policy (ex. USA) covering expenses of at least €50,000, and

2) The good health of each applicant


The  MIIP will not accept applicants with a criminal record or applicants under criminal investigation.


National Development & Social Fund

A EUR 650,000 contribution to the National Development and Social Fund and additional sums for each dependent (see details in table).

Applicant Type Government Fee
Primary Applicant € 650,000
Spouse € 25,000
Dependants Aged 0-18 € 25,000
Dependants Aged 18-26 € 50,000
Dependants Aged 55+ € 50,000

Real Estate

A property investment of no less than €350,000, OR a lease on Maltese real estate for €16,000 per year over the six year period

Investment Option Minimum Estate Value
Purchase Estate € 350,000
Lease Estate € 16,000/year

Government Securities

A purchase of government approved securities with a minimum holding period of five years.

Investment Type Minimum Security Value
Government-Approved Investments € 150,000


Following the initial 12-month residence period and submission of the citizenship application, Identity Malta, the government body tasked with processing IIP applications, ordinarily processes naturalization in 12-13 months. The citizenship application process follows the below steps:

  1. Submission of application with Identity Malta together with all supplementary documentation, as well as payment of due-diligence fees, passport fees, and EUR 10,000 contribution deposit
  2. Identity Malta reviews the application, advises whether the application is complete or in need of further documentation.
  3. Identity Malta renders a decision.
  4. Succesful applicants receive an Approval in Principle and formal request for the outstanding contribution amounts to be paid within 20 days.
  5. Within 60 days of naturalization, applicants must provide written proof property purchase/rental and EUR 150,000 securities investment.
  6. Applicants and eligible dependents swear an Oath of Allegiance upon which Identity Malta issues the Certificate(s) of Naturalization.

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