Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program

The third most populous island in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is the most culturally and naturally diverse of all Citizenship-by-Investment destinations.


Mountain ranges dot the island from north to south while the coast is lined with beaches that annually draw millions of sun-seeking European tourists.


Following British annexation in 1914 the island gained independence in 1960, joined the EU in 2004 and the British Commonwealth in 1961. The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program offers the quickest and simplest route to EU citizenship.

Investment Options

Those applying for citizenship in Cyprus may qualify by making one, or a combination, of the following three types of investment:

Real Estate

A real estate investment of minimum EUR 2 million. Eligible investments include second-hand properties, new developments and undeveloped land under certain conditions.

Business Investment

A business investment of no less than EUR 2 million in an established company in Cyprus: the enterprise must maintain a physical presence in Cyprus and employ at least five Cypriots.

Alternative Investments

An investment of no less than EUR 2 million in an alternative investment fund (AIF), a Cypriot company, or another organization licensed by CySec (the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission): Investments in AIF must be maintained for 3 years and the manager of the AIF must annually provide testimony of such to the Ministries of Finance. Applicants may also purchase bonds or shares issued by Cypriot companies or organizations, but must by pre-approved by CySec.


Applicants must maintain a permanent, privately owned residence worth a minimum of EUR 500.000 in perpetuity after a obtaining citizenship. This residence may make up part of the EUR 2 million property investment, should the applicant choose the real state option.


All properties may be leased to third parties and as such become income-producing assets.


Parents of the principal applicant may also apply for citizenship once the principal applicant has obtained Cypriot citizenship but must maintain a permanent, privately-owned residence in The Republic of Cyprus with a minimum worth of EUR 500.000. The investor and his/ her parents may collectively acquire one residential property of a total value of at least EUR 1 million.


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